“हरित उर्जाको प्रयोग गरी पैसा तथा विश्वलाई वचाऔं ।”

  • स्वास्थ्यको लागि खतरामुक्त
    धुवां गन्ध नआउने
  • ग्यास भन्दा सस्तो

नमुना वायोमास प्रा.ली. मा यहांलाई स्वागत छ ।

Namunas Biomass Pvt. Ltd. is a thriving company leading the biomass market with various products. Recognized as a manufacturer of densified biomass products and efficient burning stoves, the company has envisioned the commercial production through highly efficient technology and involving skilled human resources and fluid management team to deliver tangible output in competitive market.

Established in 2013 as the briquette industry in Chitwan with a vision to make biomass as mainstream fuel in commercial and household cooking, the industry has progressed in commercial production of two types of charcoal based briquettes, one type of non-charcoal based briquettes and several types of briquette stoves within the two years of establishment.

Within this short period, the industry has established itself as a leading biomass fuel producing industry with highest number of products and supply over major cities in Nepal. From last two years, we are continuously involved in charcoal enterprise development activities in Chitwan district so as to produce the raw charcoal from forest waste for production of charcoal briquettes. Besides, we also focus on improving the quality of our existing products and look forward to introducing new products suitable in Nepalese market. The ultimate goal is to promote cheap, clean and locally available indigenous raw material’s energy for cooking and heating thereby reducing the foreign dependency on currently used kerosene, LPG fuel, hard coal, etc.

Namuna Biomass Pvt. Ltd entirely serves the need of biomass market and technology. The service varies from production and distribution of Screw press Briquette, Bio-Briquette and Pellet Briquettes to Cook Stove, Beehives Stove, Campfire Stoves and Barbeque Stoves. We also manufacture and supply various equipment related to briquetting such as, charcoal making retorts, grinder, mixture, screw press briquette units (complete system), drying system, conveyors, etc.  In addition to these, we also conduct various research based projects and work in close cooperation with various government organizations, INGO’s and NGO’s. Through the current involvement with Bio-energy project supported from European Union, we have already collected more than 150 tons of charcoal from various forests in Chitwan district in less than six month’s period.

The dedicated team members of the company have led to its glorious position in competitive biomass market. The company has full listed professionals engaging at their outmost capacity at work with several years of work experiences in biomass energy utilization. Highly efficient technician and aggressive management is key feature to the success of the company to till date.